Star Wars TV Series Planned for Streaming Service

Streaming Dreams Drove Disney's Interest in Fox Assets

Iger also revealed that Disney's new service will be priced "substantially below" Netflix, at least when it initially launches.

The declines were attributed to contractual rate increases for sports programming, lower advertising revenue and higher losses from equity investments in Hulu and direct-to-consumer streaming company BAMTech, which Disney bought a 42% stake in to help get its new SVOD off the ground.

Netflix's streaming service starts at $7.99 a month for standard-definition video to one device at a time. The company's name has also become a verb ("Netflix and chill"), a sign that while its position might seem available to disruption, it is actually an entrenched consumer preference.

Netflix should be anxious here, as another streaming service means they're not only going to lose all Disney-owned titles, they'll also be battling another platform for new content.

But there's good news from Disney, since Bob Iger has promised that the company's own streaming service will be '"substantially cheaper" than Netflix. Instead, you'll need to subscribe to the upcoming ESPN standalone service, which will feature content from MLB, NHL, MLS, collegiate events, and tennis Grand Slams, and more.

"We're pleased with trends we're seeing on the OTT side where we're seeing a nice pickup in subs", the Disney CEO said. "That is in part reflective of the fact that we'll have substantially less volume". "But man now I REALLY hope you like The Last Jedi". In addition, fans can expect a live-action Star Wars show, an unnamed Marvel series, and shows based on Monsters Inc. and High School Musical. Marvel's New Warrior could be one of the many series to come to the Disney streaming service. This will launch before the entertainment-focused service rolls out.

Properties like the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Cable, and Deadpool are all now owned by Fox and therefore can not be utilized by Marvel Studios.

And Iger's comments that online streaming is a "very, very compelling space" also make clear that it isn't Netflix which is being most directly impacted by the rise of other streaming services, but the traditional cable providers.

Netflix now offers three different subscription tiers to USA subscribers: a basic plan for $7.99 a month, a premium plan at $10.99, and an ultra premium plan for $13.99.

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