Trump Tantrums Over His Failing Presidency And Demands Republicans Kill The Filibuster

Sen. Susan Collins R Maine speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. For Majority Leader Mitch McConnell writing a Republican-only health care bill that can pass the Senate boils

President Donald Trump on Tuesday took to Twitter to again call for the end of the Senate filibuster so that healthcare and tax reform can get passed "fast and easy".

Donald Trump can't govern, so he wants the rules to be changed so that he can, "win". Senate Republicans, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) have said they have no intention of ending the filibuster on legislation.

However, even Republican support of the House-approved healthcare bill is less than 100% - some have even indicated they would write their own bill and not vote on the version that passed in the House.

"I think the concerns that he's had with the pace of the Senate has been longstanding", Spicer told me.

Senate Republicans already nixed the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees, allowing President Trump an early win by confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch to the bench.

Traditionally, senators are allowed to filibuster to stall a bill that is short of the 60 votes needed to pass legislation.

A tax-law writer for the North Carolina House is downplaying differences with the Senate in their respective state budgets over which taxes to cut or incentives to offer.

With 52 Republicans now in the Senate, along with Vice President Mike Pence who can come in and make a tie-breaker vote, this would make passing controversial legislation - like health care reform - a substantially easier feat. The Senate may not pass a bill as quickly as Trump wants, either. And, if they don't suit him - if it's a bad deal, say - he either adjust the rules or walks away from them.

Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, both Republicans from Iowa who are active players in the health care debate, admitted that completely repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act doesn't look like it's going to be in the cards.

Trump's optimism seems a little misplaced.

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