'Something strange' is going on with Trump's Twitter, experts say

Twitter on Tuesday sought to tamper down a theory that went viral in left-leaning circles over the weekend - that President Donald Trump had gained millions of followers - majority being bots - in a matter of days. It came to this conclusion using a methodology that looks at each user's number of tweets, the date of their last tweet and their ratio of followers to friends.

However, Trump has had an influx in followers since he took office. He has a big enough following of real, live people that he was able to win the presidency via the Electoral College (if not the popular vote).

It turns out, it's incredibly easy to get as many Twitter followers as you want - as long as you're willing to pay for them.

Trump has little control over who follows his tweets.

The Donald Trump @WhiteHouse account does not follow any other foreign leader.

"That account is not verified and provides no source for their claim", Twitter spokesman Nick Pacilio said.

Still, Trump's peculiar Twitter following in the last month has stoked speculation about the veracity of his Twitter followers. Suddenly now, he has over 30 million followers.

A few years back Billboard reported that of pop singer Justin Bieber's then-37 million followers, 53 percent were fake.

While there isn't a universally accepted definition of a "fake Twitter user", in this case "fake" refers to an account created exclusively for following others. It also represented almost 88 per cent of all United Nations member states, adding that on an average Facebook pages are way more popular than Twitter accounts. Trump has gained more than 13 million followers since his inauguration in January. But Mande isn't the only user who's hip to this platform-building cheat; apparently, there's a chance Donald Trump-or, at the very least, whoever manages his account-recently caught on to this way of goosing his stats.

While an avid user of Twitter, Trump has never reached the number of followers that former President Barack Obama has.

Malcolm Nance, a retired U.S. Navy cryptologist and intelligence expert, said he believes that the increase in bots following Trump could show that "Russian cyber warfare support [is] ramping up for @POTUS" and that this kind of behavior can be a "key intelligence indicator".

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